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RAN Practitioners’ Spotlight magazine on radicalisation issues in prisons

The August 2022 edition of the RAN Practitioners’ Spotlight magazine looks at some of the key issues facing prisons today – such as the radicalisation challenge, the management of risk, the training needs of prison staff with specific regard to P/CVE practices, the handling of female prisoners and the need for a prison-exit continuum.

The number of individuals incarcerated in prisons across Europe for violent extremism and terrorist-related offences has increased in recent years. The management and rehabilitation of these individuals both during incarceration and after release is one of the biggest P/ CVE challenges facing EU Member States today, and needs complex work and a cross-sectoral coordination among police, prison, security services, practitioners and civil sociaty organizations.

Within this SPOTLIGHT issue Carlos FERNANDEZ, psychologist and member of the RAN Pool of Experts, focuses on risk assessment and its management in prison. Risk assessment, especially in the prison context, provides deeper knowledge about individuals under observation and important information that can inform the design of targeted interventions.

Nadya RADKOVSKA, Head of the International Cooperation and Training of Staff Department in Bulgaria, explains the importance of prison staff training, enabling staff to perform their duties with respect for the rights and dignity of detainees and with increased sensitivity to cultural and religious factors. Furthermore, adequate training helps prison staff to cope with those inmates already radicalised, as well as to detect early signs of radicalisation in vulnerable inmates, and to respond in a preventive way.

This SPOTLIGHT edition also features the Conclusion Paper of the RAN Prison meeting held in November 2021 which addressed the key skills and knowledge required for prison staff and their partners to be well equipped for successfully engaging in P/CVE work in prisons.

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