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SERENY project: A new comparative analysis in 8 countries explores national legislations and programs to prevent youth radicalisation in prison and probation settings

Within the framework of the Sereny project, the Consortium has just released a comparative research study on the coherence between EU/International legislation related to human rights protection and youth radicalization prevention programs implemented in prison and probation settings across 8 countries (Albania, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain)

The analysis carries out three key tasks. First, it identifies weak spots and incoherences between national legislations aimed at preventing youth violent extremism and radicalization and the EU and CoE legislative framework and judicial praxis related to human rights; second, the Report maps training needs and gaps of front-line prison and probation staff in terms of content, format, and methodologies with regard to human rights protection and with regard to the identification, monitoring and evaluation of signs and risks of radicalization. Finally, the analysis provides insights into effective radicalization prevention programmes and strategies enabling a human rights approach to the penological treatment of young adult inmates, thus setting the ground for best practices exchanges at the EU level among policymakers, training providers and local actors.

The analysis and evaluation of existing legislation, approaches, training programmes, practices and interventions related to the prevention of violent extremism and radicalization in prison and probation settings will provide useful guidelines on how to design and implement an effective prevention strategy targeted to juveniles and young adult inmates grounded on a human rights-based approach.

The report was developed by the University Luigi Vanvitelli in the framework of the Sereny project.

Who are the authors: Maria Pia Iadicicco, Angelo Jr Golia

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