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SERENY project: Recommendations for developing youth radicalization prevention strategies in prison with a human rights-based approach

Grounded on the comparative analysis carried out by the SERENY research team in Albania, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain, the report aims to highlight key recommendations for policymakers in the field of young adults’ radicalization prevention in prison and probation settings

The surveyed countries have very different approaches. Despite the differences, the specific situation of each country must be analysed in terms of its consistency with human rights standards in the prison context

The report collects and formulates evidence-based recommendations for penitentiary administrations and policymakers, some of which are summarized below:

  • design and implementation of evidence-based policies including clear methodologies to measure prison intervention against radicalisation
  • implementation of truly preventive strategies, not limited to merely security-related indications
  • design and implementation of treatment programmes based on a comprehensive approach to the vulnerability of prisoners, which should collaborate with the outside world, in particular the inmate’s family and civil society
  • reinforcement of intercultural mediation services in prison, as they are considered fundamental resources for the prevention of radicalisation
  • segregation of inmates linked to the phenomenon of radicalisation to be used as an exceptional measure
  • improved transparency in the access to information regarding radicalization prevention in prison
  • Implementation of training programmes for prison staff (both custodial and treatment) on the comprehensive approach to the phenomenon of radicalization (not only on the assessment of the risk of radicalization in prison contexts).


The report was issued by the University of Barcelona in the framework of the Sereny project

Who are the authors? Alejandro Forero, Rachele Stroppa, Iñaki Rivera

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