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Do you work with young adults in prison? Join our European online survey and tell us your opinions and experiences regarding youth radicalisation in prison and probation.

The Sereny research team is launching  a Pan-European online survey on youth radicalisation in prison and probation settings.

We invite  prison and probation staff, judicial staff, legal practitioners, social workers, health professionals, governmental officials in the justice field, researchers and experts in Criminal Justice and/or P/CVE to share opinions and experiences regarding strategies, programmes and risk assessment tools to prevent youth radicalisation in prison and probation.

Your responses will help us provide useful data to support prison services and policymakers in the development of radicalisation prevention programs and policies respectful of human rights.

This survey is part of the European project “SERENY. Strengthening approaches for the prevention of youth radicalisation in prison and probation settings“.  The project aims to contribute to the prevention and decrease of radicalisation in European prisons by providing actionable knowledge on young adult inmates considered as vulnerable/at risk groups who could be or become radicalised and by assessing the effectiveness of existing radicalisation prevention programmes and practices.

All your answers will remain anonymous, we are not collecting personal information that will make it possible to identify any participant in the survey. We respect and follow the GDPR.

The survey is very brief and will only take a few minutes to complete. You may answer as many or as few questions as you would like.

Every answer we receive helps us in our research efforts!

This survey is available in 7 languages. Choose the language and get started:








Thank you in advance for your participation and enjoy the survey!