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University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

The Professor Maria Pia Iadicicco is Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Campania, and Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law the University LUISS of Rome. Her PhD dissertation dealt with the transformations of legislative power following the processes of Europeanization of domestic legal systems. Her main research interests concern the impact of supranational integration processes on the separation of powers, the relationship between ethics, science, and law, gender discrimination, as well as the constitutionalization of penitentiary treatments. Currently, his main research project deals with reproductive rights also in penitentiary facilities.

Dr. Angelo Jr Golia is Assistant Professor at the University of Trento School of Law and formerly Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Public Comparative Law and International Law of Heidelberg. His PhD and subsequent monograph dealt with the responsibility of transnational corporations from the perspective of constitutional pluralism. His  research interests and publications concern the legal infrastructure of global governance and the role of collective actors within it; digital constitutionalism; the relationship between legal and social theory; the interaction between international and domestic legal systems; legal pluralism; and the judicialization of political processes.

Flaminia Fiorentino is graduated in Human Rights Law and specialized in Economic Development and International Cooperation. She had experiences in Project Management in protection of women and minor’s projects and in the communication of projects for international companies.

University of Palermo

Full professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Palermo. Ph.D in “Analytical philosophy and general theory of law” (University of Milan, 1997). LL.M in Legal Theory (from “European Academy of Legal Theory”, Bruxelles, 1993). Co-director of Diritto & Questioni pubbliche.
Professor of Criminal Procedure Law at the University of Palermo, member of the V Ministerial Working Group for the implementation of the 'Cartabia' Reform

Universitat fur Weiterbildung Krems

Manfred Zentner holds degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, research youth and youth culture since 1997. Since 2013 researcher and lecturer at the University for Continuing Education Krems at the Department Migration and Globalization. Member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR), and of the youth research committee of the International Sociological Association RC34. Manfred Zentner was member of various EU expert groups concerning youth and youth work (e.g. 2016-18 The contribution of youth work to preventing marginalisation and violent radicalisation).
Friedrich Altenburg studied history, journalism and interpersonal communication at the University of Salzburg. After graduating, he worked for 20 years in the field of humanitarian aid and development cooperation, including for the United Nations, Malteser International and Caritas. The focus of his work at the university is on the development and implementation of courses aimed at deepening and developing the basic knowledge and skills of experts in the field of migration and integration.
Daniela Pisoiu is senior researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs – oiip and lecturer at the University for Continuing Education Krems. Her fields of research are: terrorism, radicalisation, extremism, comparative regional security, American and European foreign and security policy. She completed her PhD at the University of St Andrews, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and has conducted fieldwork on the topic of radicalisation in Austria, Germany and France, as well as other European countries.
Federica Zardo is senior researcher at the University for Continuing Education Krems at the Department of Migration and Globalisation. She conducts research in the field of Political Studies. Research interests include: EU migration policy, integration policies. Coordination of the Easyrights H2020 project (WP leader); participation in the QUANTMIG and SERENY project. PhD supervision. Coordination of the OIIP-DUK research cluster on “externalization of EU migration policies”. Coordination of the internal research cluster on Migration Policy and Governance. Co-director of the MA in Global Studies.
Sabina Ertl holds a Master degree in Economy and Business Administration, Scientific Manager at Department for Migration and Globalization of the University for Continuing Education Krems.

Universitat de Barcelona - OSPDH

He teaches penal law, criminology and penal policy. He is the Director of the OSPDH and will coordinate the work of the research team for SERENY project

Mirovni Inštitut - The Peace Institute

Katarina Vučko is a legal advisor at the Peace Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she is involved in national and international projects in the field of human rights, fundamental rights, criminal (focusing on the rights of victims of crime and procedural and defence rights) and administrative law, citizenship, non-discrimination, asylum, migration law. She holds a degree in law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana and has completed a state legal exam of the Republic of Slovenia.
Veronika Bajt was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy research degree by the University of Bristol (UK) in 2003. Her fields of research include nationalism, xenophobia and racism, migration, globalization, discrimination, the construction of national identities. She has been a researcher at the Peace Institute since 2006, and is working on several international projects.
Franja Arlič finished her master’s studies at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business and works as a managing director at the Peace Institute. She is responsible for overall management of finances and human resources. She has extensive experience in managing and administering projects funded by various donors.

Prodos Consulting

Project Manager specialized in the design and development of EU-funded projects in multiple thematic areas: human rights, justice, gender equality, migration. She coordinated and managed a wide range of international projects for public and private organizations dealing with all project phases: project design, Partnership building, monitoring and evaluation. She coordinates the monitoring web platform Obiettivo Europa on EU funds. Trainer in specialization courses on European project planning.
Journalist and Project Manager with relevant experience in European project design and management in the field of human rights, justice, gender equality, culture and education. She supports private and public organizations in the design, development, and coordination of European projects. She is responsible for the management and implementation of Communication & Dissemination tasks in the framework of EU-funded projects (project website set up and management, communication material, social networks, events organization as workshops, project meetings, etc.)

Avokati I Popullit

Expert of the International Cooperation and EU Integration Unit at People`s Advocate Institution, her role in the project will consist in the promotion of activities which are planned in the framework of the project in order to maximize its impact.